About Us

Festival Wakeboard and Aqua Park is a state of the art wakeboarding complex situated next to Festival Leisure Park, Basildon. With the addition of our Aqua Park, Cafe and Beaches, we really have created an environment which is suitable for the whole family.

We cater for all abilities from complete beginners through to world champions. Along with our 660m Main Cable, we also have a 175m Beginners Cable (referred to as a System 2.0 or S2) which is perfect for beginners and people wanting to improve their skills. The Aqua Park is for 6 years and up and is great fun for all ages.

Our qualified coaches can teach you everything from getting up on the board, hitting our kickers and rails to your first big air tricks. With staff watching the Aqua Park at all times, you can ensure everyone is cared for.

All equipment can be hired from our reception, along with hot showers and changing rooms.

Cafe serving hot and cold food, drinks and snacks is also on site, adjacent to one of our three beach areas.

New To Wakeboarding?

A Wakeboard is a buoyant board (resembling a snowboard) that is used to ride over water while being pulled behind a cable tow.

Like water skiing, which most people are a little more familiar with, the wakeboarder is towed behind the cable ski at a speed of around 18-24 mph. The main difference is that instead of skis, the rider uses a single board (like a snowboard) with bindings.

Wakeboards are shorter in length than snowboards and slightly wider. 

Tricks are performed on the surface of the water, over kickers and rails or in the air. The most spectacular tricks, known collectively as inverts, are generally performed by launching oneself from the water in the air and going upside down.